4 Ways To Help Your Child Prepare For Their Australian High School Curriculum

Posted on: 12 September 2022


Transitioning from primary to high school can be a difficult time for children and parents alike. With new teachers, subjects and classmates, there are many changes that will need to be made in order for students to feel comfortable in their new environment.

If you're a parent who is looking for ways to help your child prepare for their Australian high school curriculum, here are four tips:

1. Help Your Child Develop Their Language Schools As They Enter Into High School

Encourage them to read for enjoyment every day, including non-fiction books about subjects that interest them. Try to get them to read as many different types of books as possible, as this will expose them to different styles of writing and vocabulary. Read aloud together each night before bedtime. This helps improve their listening skills as well as their understanding of how language works. It also helps improve their pronunciation and encourages fluency when speaking English. Asking questions about what they've read or heard during the day so they have an opportunity to practise answering questions in English rather than relying on memorising information.

2. Review Your Child's High School Curriculum Homework With Them

It's easy for kids to get overwhelmed by the amount of work they have when they first start high school. In order to help them manage all of their assignments, it's important that you review the homework they bring home each night before bedtime. This will allow you to see if any questions remain unclear or if there were any mistakes that need correcting before returning the assignment back to school the next day.

3. Encourage Your Child To Start Studying Independently During The Transition To High School Curriculum

Once your child is in high school, encourage them to take on as much responsibility for their own learning as possible — including studying independently. This doesn't mean that you should just hand them their textbooks and tell them that they'll figure it out themselves; instead, encourage them to look up resources online and ask questions when they need help understanding something new or challenging. One way you can help prepare them for this is by making sure that they have access to good study tools like paper notebooks and pens, as well as any tablets and software that they need.

4. Encourage Your Child To Have Balance And Take Breaks To Refresh As They Start High School

In addition to preparing your child for the academic challenges of high school, it's also important to help them develop good study habits and a healthy work-life balance. One way you can do this is by encouraging them to take breaks from studying every now and again — whether that means reading an unrelated book or watching an episode of their favourite show.

The above are four ways to make sure your child is prepared to enter high school. Chat with an education provider for more information about the Australian high school curriculum today.