How to Choose a Long Day Care for Your 3 Year Old

Posted on: 14 September 2021


Most parents are often conflicted when taking their kids to a 3-year-old long daycare. In most cases, they cannot differentiate between the services offered by the various facilities. Additionally, it is challenging to tell whether their kids will fit into the daycare program. Well, you do not need to be in this dilemma. The article below details the considerations to make when choosing a 3-year-old long daycare program for your child. 

Examine The Daycare Program

Ideally, you want to get value for your money. Therefore, you should examine the daycare program to determine if your child will benefit from the daycare. The guide below offers some valuable pointers on how to assess the daycare program: 

  • What are the core areas of the program? For instance, some programs will specialise in helping kids develop social and communication skills. Others are more academic-oriented.
  • How does the program prepare kids for formal schooling? A school-like timetable and organised classes will ensure your kid has an easy time adapting to the school environment.
  • What time is allocated to class and playtime? How does the program help develop your kid's talents? For example, art and drama classes would help hone your child's skills.
  • How do children progress? Ideally, the daycare should have different classes to ensure learners advance to the next level. 

Inquire About Meals

Meals are a critical aspect of your kid's life. Therefore, check the daycare's meal arrangements. For example, what foods are offered? Is the kitchen staff experienced in child catering? Are the meals healthy? Are children allowed to bring snacks from home? If your child has an allergy, inquire if the daycare provides special meals. 

Check The Teacher Qualification

The teachers at the daycare must be experienced in early childhood education. Do not shy off from asking for their academic qualifications and professional documents. For example, teachers who undertake continuous professional development courses could have a unique understanding of child developmental orders, child motivation and discipline, and how to increase children's concentration levels. 

Examine The School Rules 

One of your concerns when examining the school rules should be the role of parents. For instance, some daycares will compel you to meet regularly with your child's teacher to discuss their progress in school. This collaborative approach fosters the child's growth and ensures parents take an active role in the child's educational journey. Other than this, check the disciplinary procedures, the school breaks, and when you should pay fees. 

When choosing a 3-year-old long daycare for your child, examine the school program, the meals, teacher qualification, and the school rules.   



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