Ways to Make High School Enrolment Easier

Posted on: 8 September 2021


Moving from primary school to high school can feel daunting even if your child is confident. Because of this, it's not unusual to feel as though you want to prepare them for the transition. Here are some ways you can make the process easier.

Build Some Familiarity

Children often feel more confident in environments they're familiar with. Ahead of their high school enrolment, look for taster days and evening tours. Taster days can help settle your child into a typical high school routine. It will also expose them to some of their teachers' faces, too. If they're attending a high school that lots of different primary schools feed into, they'll meet children from other areas and potentially spark new friendships. Overall, the familiarity they feel afterwards can help to settle their nerves.

Practice Their Route

If your child is walking somewhere new or catching a bus, it might help for them to do some practice runs. Their first day of high school may feel daunting, and when they feel nervous, they're more likely to make mistakes. With a few practice runs, they'll feel more confident that they know where they're going. Having an easy first day of travel can set the right tone for their high school enrolment.

Involve Them in Preparations

Your child may feel more excited about their enrolment if you involve them in the preparations. Set aside a day to take them stationary shopping and let them pick their favourite items. Or, you can involve them in setting out their new uniform -- if their school requires one. Children who feel involved also feel as though they have some control over the situation. As a result, they should feel more secure about the journey ahead of them.

Look at the Year Ahead

High school enrolment usually means exploring a lot of new classes and activities. Look for a schedule from your child's high school to see if there are any extracurricular activities they may enjoy. Additionally, see if their school tends to schedule trips that your child might look forward to. While they get used to the idea of leaving their primary school, the thought of exploring something new and exciting can fill them with joy.

Talk About Their Nerves

Finally, while it's a good idea to help your child look forward to high school, don't disregard their nerves entirely. Spend some time talking about them and acknowledge that feeling nervous is okay. That way, if your child does have any problems when they go to high school, they'll feel comfortable talking to you about them. 

Contact the local high school to get more tips for high school enrolment.



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