How to Choose a Long Daycare Program for Your 3-Year-Old

Posted on: 13 August 2021


At three years, your child will be old enough to join a child care facility. Most parents are often worried that their kids will not adapt to daycare life. However, kids will quickly adapt to daycares since they interact and make friends with other kids. The daycare system is designed to prepare your kid for school. Therefore, childcare providers at the centre will help your child develop communication and socialisation skills. Besides, they will learn basic etiquette, independence, and resilience, critical skills required later in life. If you wish to enrol your child in a 3-year-old long daycare, read the article below for some tips on choosing an appropriate facility. 

Daycare Location and Setting

Long daycare programs start in the morning and end in the late afternoon or evening. Therefore, you will need to drop and pick your child from the facility daily. Assess your daily routines and choose a conveniently located daycare. Visit the facility to examine its setting. For instance, what ages does the daycare accommodate? Ideally, the daycare should have several classes grouped according to the children's age or admission date. 

Experience of the Childcare Providers

Vet the childcare providers at the facility to establish if they have the skills and experience required to take care of kids. For example, ask what kind of training they have. For instance, early childhood training allows childcare providers to connect with the kids and understand their needs. If your child suffers from childhood conditions such as anxiety or hyperactivity, ask how staff at the facility will help manage the condition. For example, they could engage your child in games, sports, or artistic activities to help them channel their energy. 

Quality of the Daycare Program

Thoroughly examine the daycare program. For instance, what are its core areas? Some programs will aim at helping kids develop interpersonal, critical thinking, and creative skills. Others will focus on honing talents, while others are inclined towards developing academic skills. The program used at the daycare should have accreditation from relevant government bodies. 

Current Health and COVID-19 Protocols

It would be disheartening if your child contracted an illness at the facility. Therefore, examine the health measures observed at the daycare. For instance, some daycares expect parents to disclose their child's vaccination status whether they have an underlying illness. The classes must be spacious enough to prevent the spread of illnesses such as COVID19. Besides, they should be regularly sanitised. 

When choosing a 3-year-old long daycare, check the location of the facility, experience of childcare providers, the quality of daycare program, the health and COVID 19 protocols observed.